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Yes, YOU!

Do you believe in the benefits of playtime and playgrounds for our children?

Do you sometimes think that when it comes to providing suitable opportunities for our children, we could be doing things much better?

Is that why YOU are here?

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and say hello and welcome you to the world that is Better Than Yesterday. Even if your today was awesome, tomorrow can still be Better Than Yesterday.

A little about me. In my career, I dabble in all things credit lending and residential property related. I have a passion for this, I am at university currently studying this to further my own education and could riff about credit lending and residential property all year long. I have experienced travel in a number of amazing destinations and have been fortunate to have a loving family who keep my toes extremely busy. (On my toes is how it goes)

My two amazing daughters keep me going, keep me moving forward and they have their own passions as well. Playgrounds and Playtime are one of their key passions. Anything for a play……

“Daddy! Can we go to this playground”?

“Daddy! Can we go to that playground”?

“Daddy! Why do we have to go now”?

If you have children or are close to someone who does, you know what I am talking about.

This site is here to provide an avenue for insight, learning and dialogue. It is here to provide information and all things playtime and playground related so that you can either engross yourself in the information, take away some new ideas and provide your own thoughts and suggestions.

Feel free to get involved or just take a back seat and enjoy the ride. It’s your decision.


Founder of Better Than Yesterday