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Swing Slide Smile – All about Playtime

“If you have the power to make someone happy, do it……The world needs more of that”










As a society, we have so many demands on our time. Time for work, time to get to and from work, time to spend improving ourselves, time to spend enjoying and appreciating life, time to be with our loved ones, friends and family, time to start looking at ways to improve and change if we are stuck in a rut, time to enjoy those interests and hobbies which we are so passionate about.

We are all faced with our own challenges along our journey, times where we are ready to immerse and engage and those times where we want to just zone right out. As we take on more and more, we find our tie becoming a more scarce and valued resource. When you start a family, the focus and appreciation on time is amplified to a substantial degree.
That is the essence of this site. No matter the challenges faced or how hard yesterday was, today and tomorrow are still waiting to happen, still waiting to offer a different experience and outcome. Even if your yesterday was good, perhaps today and tomorrow will be better, Better than Yesterday.

I am a married father of two gorgeous daughters and I grew up through the 80’s and 90’s, a proud product of Generation X, which sometimes feels like, due to a mounting level of challenges and issues in the world, Generation Nowhere. There is so much noise around the word at the moment, it can be hard to navigate through the noise to find clarity, a way forward or to find a smile.

My clarity and focus and many of my siles are found is in my wife and two daughters and looking to provide the best life for them. I look at what makes them happy and satisfied and the things that make them unhappy as well, so that i can giude them as best i can. I am most focused on their health and wellbeing and two key areas I focus on for this are playtime and downtime.


My girls need to engage and be active, exploring and learning in many ways. They also need time to recharge and rest, an opportunity to reflect on all their experiences and reset for a new challenge, a new day. One of their key passions are playgrounds and the awesome experiences which they have when at a playground. This makes sense and I can recall some of the experiences I had when I was their age as well. I forgot what this was like and it only come back into my radar once my first daughter started toddling around. I became consumed in this re-discovered land of playtime and playgrounds. It was awesome and it still is, with my youngest just about to reach her second year and starting to have her own journeys and experiences.

This is the essence of swingslidesmile, as this site will look at all thing’s playtime, playground and downtime related. I know my girls will have their Captain Cranky moments and will be anything but, in a mood, to smile and I know that our world is not all rainbows and unicorns, but if I can point them in the right direction and help them to smile more so than not, then I have made possibly the most significant contribution of my life to anyone, anywhere.


I hope you enjoy this site and take away some insight and information that may help you look at things from a different perspective. My aim is to provide a platform for the community to contribute towards and I really want to see this site open up a dialogue around all thing’s playtime, playground and downtime related. There are so many benefits around playtime, playground and downtime and they ways and processes which we can implement to do things better and I want to here what you all have to say.



Founder of SwingSlideSmile

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