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Who remembers there childhood with fond memories? All the laughter and good times, those magical moments? If this wasn’t you, I am sorry to hear that as every one of us deserves to be able to experience a childhood of laughter, magic and good times.

For those of you who do remember having this type of childhood, I bet a major contributor to your good times, fond memories and laughter was your time spent at a playground. I would be fairly confident in betting that a majority of us spent a fair chunk of our childhoods at a playground.

Playgrounds are magical. They are a paradise of play and allow you to let your imagination go. They also provide major health bonuses in the shape of exercise and recreational exercise.


Playgrounds offer a much-needed escape in an increasingly busy and active society. A playground offers so any benefits to justify the investment to build and develop new areas of play. Primarily, they are a fantastic form of physical activity and interaction and can challenge a child to push outside of there comfort zone and challenge there boundaries (for a good reason). They contribute towards developing vital cognitive skills and can also help to develop there social skills by providing numerous opportunities for social interaction. The benefits of having playgrounds in the community far outweigh any associated negatives and as adults, it can be easy to forget how ‘awesome playgrounds were when we were little‘.

Having fully equipped, modern and engaging play areas in a neighbourhood or suburb provide many benefits to a child and the overall community and are considerable to justify investing time and resources into.

As we get on with our lives and enter the world of adolescence and the adulthood, we can easily forget how enjoyable and beneficial playgrounds actually can be.

One of the many awesome things about becoming a parent is that you can re learn and re-discover how awesome playgrounds actually are. In Australia, particularly in Sydney, local councils and state government have been taking steps to ensure that playgrounds are fully functional and well-equipped to meet the needs and demands of the community to ensure that when a playground is built, it meets community expectations. Community proposals and forums allow members of a community to voice there thoughts and concerns around a potential recommendation by council. The realisation of the importance of playgrounds by local government areas in Australia is one of ongoing and slow progress. A couple of the main issues are around providing suitable equipment that will engage and providing shading.


Shading in Australia is a major requirement as it is one of the hottest continents on the planet and sees a high amount of skin cancer cases from exposure to UV rays. It should be a no-brainer. If a new playground area is being built, it should be a mandatory requirement for shading to be provided as well. In addition to this, the materials which playground equipment are made from can cause minor burns and abrasions from the harsh summer sun. Although shading won’t reduce the temperature, it can make a playground more comfortable to be playing in during the summer months. It also serves to provide shelter when it may be raining. Well, this may be the case, but how about keeping children indoors during these conditions and this is one of the major social ad health problems we face at present. Developing poor social skills, increasing isolation and contributing to obesity and health issues due to an increase in children spending greater periods of time indoors.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, councils and government agencies should be doing as much as they can and, in some cases, more than they do, to ensure that playgrounds are developed in a manner that encourages rather than discourages interaction and use. By adding playgrounds to a neighbourhood or suburb, this can contribute toward reducing traffic volumes as there will be a reduced need to travel by car if there are suitable playgrounds within a manageable walking distance.






It should be fairly conclusive the many associated benefits around playtime and providing suitable playground equipment for the community. Children will learn important and vital cognitive skills, will aid in there physical development and will develop valuable social skills to carry them forward in there lives. The benefits to the greater community further strengthen the case for investing in new playground equipment. Guess it’s time we all got involved.

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