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Replica Eero Aarnio Ball Chair – Circle Chair for Extra Spin

PRODUCT: Replica Eero Aarnio Ball Chair
TYPE: Lounge Chair

  • Overall: 120cm H x 100cm W x 100cm
  • Overall Product Weight: 44 Kilograms

WEIGHT CAPACITY: 120 Kilograms
BEST SITE TO PURCHASE: templeandwebster

Offering a unique, modern and contemporary design, the Replica Eero Aarnio Ball Chair is sure to make an impression in any household.

Featuring a sleek, modern design, the Replica Eero Aarnio Ball Chair will be sure to grab the attention of your family, friends and guests and is sure to impress.

The Replica Eero Aarnio Ball Chair offers practicality in functionality for the modern household. It provides added value by way of its unique swivel design and although not considered to be playtime equipment as such, it does allow the owner of this chair countless opportunities to spin and spin and spin. This is a great function for those households which have children, as it will provide an additional opportunity for brain development. Sure, it’s not really considered to be a piece of ‘playground equipment’, however it does provide many benefits to be considered as a worthwhile investment for your home.

The interior of the chair provides a polyester blend fabric to allow for maximum comfort. The chair feels absolutely sensational to be seated in. Did anyone say, time for a nap?

The Replica Eero Aarnio Ball Chair will capture the character of your home and is built to last. It is based on the classic design of the world renowned Finnish interior designer Eerio Aarnio and offers all the quality and style of the original. This chair is designed with impact and purpose and to stand out, without equal, to ensure that the owner has truly invested in a chair that is without competition. A welcome addition to any modern home, the Replica Eero Aarnio Ball Chair ensures that your living space will capture the attention and imagination of
those who visit your home.

 PROS of the Replica Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

  • Eye catching, modern design
  • Offers practical appeal (spinning, spinning & spinning)
  • Comfort & Style

CONS of the Replica Eero Aarnio Ball ChaiR

  • Bulky product, may require some assistance to move around
  • Not a great deal of versatility around colour


Paying the price – $499.00

If you are looking to add value, quality and comfort to your household, offering a fresh and unique way to showcase your individual style, then you would be wise to consider investing in the . An investment such as this will, most importantly, see you carry out those tasks that matter in comfort and confidence. It looks great, it feels sensational. Make a decision on your future comfort and lifestyle, you will be glad that you did.

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