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You Spin Me Around – Key Benefits and Brain Development


My daughters love spinning around. They love it.


My eldest daughter was and still is a natural. One day my wife and I were in the kitchen, tending to our daily domestic schedule, with some tunes playing in the background. I think it may have been Queen, Radio GaGa (grrrrrreeeeeaaaat song by the way). We were working our way through the mountain of dishes when we noticed that our eldest daughter had gone quiet. At the time, she was nearing her 2nd birthday, so this was still a time when if you have a toddler and there is silence…………this raises concerns!

On entering the hallway, we found her. She was in her own little wold, spinning around, without a care in the world. W didn’t coax her. We didn’t prompt her. She just naturally discovered the world of spinning and how much she enjoyed spinning. It was awesome to see and to this day, it still is. Coincidentally, she has taken this to the next level and has been attending ballet and rhythm gymnastics for the last two years. She loves it.

To a lot of kids the act of spinning around is a very natural one. It is also a very fun activity and a highly beneficial one for health and brain development. In the world of playground design and development, it seems like our fore bearers understood this and designed play equipment to enable the act of spinning around and around and around.

Merry go rounds are an integral part of most modern playgrounds, having evolved from the early incarnations which our parents and grandparents enjoyed through their own childhoods.

What is the ‘spinny’ thing on the playground called?

A playground merry-go-round is also known in some countries as a playground roundabout. The dimensions are generally 2 to 3 meters in diameter, with some designs allowing for a larger surface area. The Merry Go Round is reported to have been created around the early 1900s to 1920s, following on from the Playground Association of America, roughly around the year 1906, looking for new ideas in playground equipment and design. It was categorized under what some researchers refer to as ‘model playgrounds’, where teaches were involved to organize special, structured, play activities. Can you imagine that today in the public playground? Controlled play and not free-form play?

So, its FUN……. What are the benefits though?

There have been a number of studies undertaken by numerous authorities in the filed that identify and acknowledge that the act of spinning around for children aids and benefits BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. This is HUGE! Not only is spinning around a lot of FUN, but it has a highly crucial and important medical benefit, as in BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. It aids quite significantly in the development of the nervous system. That in itself is a pretty big incentive to get my two daughters spinning around all day long. What about the other benefits though?

Autism: Merry Go Rounds and spinning specifically, will stimulate the sensors. As opposed to rocking, which is considered to be calming, spinning around will heighten the senses and provide stimulation. For those children with autism, Merry Go Rounds and spinning help with vestibular stimulation.

Development: The benefits from spinning around, which Merry GO Rounds allow the user to engage in, help in other crucial development ways, such as developing strength, coordination and balance and kin aesthetic awaresness

These are just some benefits related to Merry Go Rounds. Plus they are FUN. Loads of FUN.

It’s Evolution Baby

Merry Go Rounds have come along way from their initial inception. More specifically, the playground equipment designed and built to promote the act of SPINNING has come a long way. The modern playgrounds which currently grace our Urban Landscapes consist of different kinds of variations on the Merry Go Round model and aiding the act of spinning around.

As we have developed and progresses as a society, so to have the devices and equipment which we use and interact with on a daily basis. Among these are the evolution of Merry Go Rounds. Whilst Merry Go Rounds are still in operation and existence, there are a number of other, pardon the pun, ‘spin-offs’ which have entered the playground landscape, adding another dimension to the activity of spinning around. Some of these are:



Multipurpose Carousel







Seated Carousel





Including equipment which enables and encourages the act of spinning should be a continuing evolution and one that is given due consideration from developers and policy-makers alike when developing their policies around the recreational landscape across the community. The developmental benefits are well documented and continuing research and study is finding further benefits which show the importance around providing such equipment to the community.



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So, when your child starts spinning around and around and around, get involved and get active.


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4 Responses so far.

  1. Cody Ellison says:

    Hi Matt I really enjoyed your article! I never knew that spinning around in circles had so much of a benefit for children. My youngest daughter is 2, and she loves to spin around all the time. I’m definitely going to show my wife this article and continue to let my daughter to keep spinning all she wants! Thanks again for the great content!

    • admin says:

      Hi Cody,

      It is something which is slowly coming out in the field, but there are a number of studies and numerous academics
      in the health field and child development which are learning about the many benefits of ‘spinning around’. My girls love it
      and I continually encourage them to embrace this part of playtime.

  2. Denise says:

    Hi Matt, well I must say I found this article entertaining. I have a young son and apart from balance I never really gave spinning much more thought. Thank you for sharing the benefits of children spinning with us, I will certainly encourage my son to continue to do so. We used to call the round thing a Merry Go Round, and I know I spent many happy hours on them, and never broke a bone! The Spica is now my son’s favorite, and is a great attraction at a park for him. Happy spinning, thanks Denise.

    • admin says:

      Hi Denise,

      Happy spinning indeed. I am glad you enjoyed the article. Apart from providing some insight and information,
      I do want to provide some entertainment in my articles as well, hence the ‘smile’ part of the site. 🙂

      Your son will get great value from spinning around, if you fell like you can join him as well.

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